Bunker Construction

Are you looking for underground bunker construction experts? Call Cowin & Co today! Our team has years of installation experience & can build a custom solution for your project.

Underground Bunkers and Surge Bins

Underground bunkers are pivotal in the mining industry to regulate and control the flow of material to the surface. These large vessels act as containers, storing substantial quantities of material during production surges. This strategic storage allows for controlled, efficient material release at a fixed or a variable rate, tailored to your operational needs.

Bunker construction capacities can vary, ranging from sophisticated mechanical units to simple free fall configurations. As experienced bunker construction professionals, Cowin & Co has a proven track record. Our team has built:

  • Mechanical bunkers up to 2,000-ton capacity
  • Free Fall bunkers up to a 10,000-ton capacity
  • Surge bins as small as 900 tons

Our expertise extends to addressing your specific underground bunker requirements or surge-related challenges. Whether you need a mechanical powerhouse or a streamlined free fall solution, Cowin & Co is committed to finding the optimal solution for your mining project. Let us know your underground bunker requirements or surge problems and we will work hard to find the right solution for you.

Whatever the specifics your project needs, such as an underground rock crusher or a bunker shoot to load out ore, Cowin & Co can help! Let’s shape the future of your mining operations together!

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