Mine Shaft Lowering Equipment

Explore high-quality mine shaft lowering equipment from Cowin & Co, your go-to source for seamless and secure material movement beneath the earth’s surface.

Why Choose Cowin & Co?

At Cowin & Co, our team excels in the intricate art of moving substantial loads through mine shafts. Our expertise extends to the safe lowering and raising of equipment, ensuring efficiency and precision in every project.

The coal industry has significantly benefited from our shaft lowering solutions & projects. By starting coal development out of an initial shaft rather than waiting to access the coal from a slope, the accelerated access to the coal can allow the mine to be operational months ahead of traditional development plans.

Our Recent Projects Speak Volumes

With a track record of success in both coal and metal mines, we’ve handled weights of up to 30 tons per piece and depths surpassing 1,700 feet. Our capabilities cover a spectrum of items, including continuous miners, rock trucks, scoops/loaders, shuttle cars, feeder breakers, power centers, and roof bolters.

We can work with varied shaft conditions including large or small diameter, shallow or deep, lined, unlined, divided and multiple station shafts.

Accelerate Your Coal Development

Our underground lowering projects have been pivotal in expediting coal development. By initiating coal production from an initial shaft rather than waiting for access via a slope, we’ve empowered mines to be operational months ahead of traditional timelines.

Ready to Elevate Your Underground Operations?

Let’s discuss how Cowin & Co’s lowering equipment and expertise can enhance your project with secure lowering equipment.

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