Mine Shaft Construction Services

We perform the initial mine development: bringing mines to life that yield coal, gold, zinc, limestone, and other ores.

Mining Construction by Cowin & Co: Unparalleled Expertise for 100 Years

Our Expertise in Mining Construction

For 100 years, Cowin & Co has been at the forefront of sinking several hundred miles of mine shafts using conventional methods. Our accomplishments include a diverse range of finished diameters, from a substantial 36-foot surge shaft to a precise 8-foot diameter bleeder shaft.

Unmatched Depths

Our expertise spans depths ranging from less than 100 feet to nearly half a mile. No depth is too challenging for our seasoned team of mining construction professionals.

Versatile Mine Lining Options

The mine shafts that we construct are tailored to our client’s specifications, featuring lining options such as steel, concrete, or shotcrete reinforced with fiber. These versatile constructions serve various purposes, facilitating man and material access in and out of mines, as well as supporting fan ventilation systems.

Recent Mine Shaft Construction Projects

Take a glimpse into some of our recently completed mine shaft construction projects:

The shafts have been lined to the client’s specifications with steel, concrete or shotcrete reinforced with fiber. Most have been used for varying purposes in coal and non-ferrous metals for man and material access in and out of the mine and for fan ventilation purposes.

We can go the extra mile by deepening existing vent shafts, transforming them into production shafts and ensuring the meticulous installation of all shaft steel and skip components.

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